We help clients discover, design, and develop delightful digital products.

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The problems we are trying to solve

Across industries we engage with clients facing the same kind of challenges:

Customer centricity

How to collect and act on customer insights and rapidly changing demands.


How to search for new business models and value propositions while executing existing ones.


How to mitigate risks and bring down uncertainties in development.


How to break out of daily operations and pursuit moonshot ideas that are likely to fail.


How to shift from doing agile to being agile across business and IT and reap the benefits of faster learning.


How to bridge the communication gaps between people, teams, and silos to ensure faster alignment.


How to automate, transform and improve business processes and company culture.


How to bring the right idea to market, knowing that the majority of new ideas will fail.

Accelerating learning and turning fluffy stuff into clear and solid results.

We are in the business of making business more tangible.

Established organizations tend to focus mainly on executing and developing current offerings. That’s what they hire for, manage, and optimize against.

It seems that the better they are at operating their current business, the harder it is for them to explore and discover new and more risky opportunities.

Two different operating systems

There is a big difference between developing work and discovery work. It requires different thinking, skills, practises, methods, and metrics for success.

Executing and developing

Executing an existing business model is all about maintaining stability and avoiding failure. When developing you optimise for scalability, quality, and predictability.
You build to launch and make sure to build the thing right.

Exploring and discovery

When exploring and searching for new opportunities it’s almost the opposite: You prototype and prepare for failure and optimise for fast learning and validation.
You build to learn and make sure to build the right thing.

The two ways of working are equally important and must co-exist.

It's challenging when teams try to apply the execution mindset to innovation. It's expensive, time consuming, frustrating, and almost always leads to failure.

In the past two decades we have worked with clients ranging from small early-stage startups to large global enterprises. Helping teams build capacity and becoming better at exploring and discovering new digital opportunities. We are experts in making business more tangible!

What we do

We operate in the space between Problem and Solution. Business and Technology. Customers and Users. Teams and Management. Do'ers and Thinkers... Success or Failure!


30-90 min

  • WHAT
    Fresh and inspiring talks for your next team meeting, kickoff meeting or strategy meeting.
  • WHY
    Get inspired! Learn about innovation and design thinking processes. Get access to tools & templates. Learn from best practises & examples.
    Design Thinking in an Agile context - or how to develop better products
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½-2 Days

  • WHAT
    Custom workshops with exercises for deeper insights and training of your team.
  • WHY
    Break the habit of daily operations. Train your team and get introduced to actionable tools, creative methods and a different way of working.
    Leadership workshop about finding the company's WHY
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1-2 Weeks

  • WHAT
    A single (or series of) short burst of execution framed to fit exactly one or two weeks.
  • WHY
    Stop talking, start acting. Get tangible output and accelerate learning. 1-2 weeks is enough to design an experiment and test a hypothesis.
    Design Sprint facilitation, proto-/pretotype, Building an MVP.
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? weeks

  • WHAT
    Customised services ranging from tactic deliverables to strategic advisory.
  • WHY
    We deliver value. Fast! Get things done. Improve and develop your digital delivery capabilities. Speed up learning and bring down uncertainties.
    Leading an innovation process searching for new ideas to bring to market.
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Selected clients

Alm. Brand
Alm. Brand
Danske Bank
DR Ramasjang

How might we... help you or your team

These are some of the challenges we have made tangible recently


Launching a functional minimum viable product in less than 30 days.

Client: Tryg Forsikring


Developing a new insurance concept from idea to prototype via a series of sprints.

Client: Alm. Brand


Facilitating and executing an innovation process from blank canvas to launch.

Client: Tryg Forsikring

Process Improvement

Improving customer experience and internal processes via design, rapid prototyping and testing

Client: Danske Bank


Finding the WHY - facilitating a leadership workshop on core story

Client: Infomedia


Presentation about building better digital products

Client: BRF Kredit


Rapid design changes and visual improvements for a popular app for children

Client: Danmarks Radio


Landing page and visual style guide for fintech startup

Client: Spenderlog

About Tangible

Tangible is a purely partner-based company located in Denmark.

Jacob Hage

Jacob Hage

Tangible is founded by Jacob as the outcome of his passion for innovation, design thinking, lean ux, service design. Jacob has almost two decades of digital experience working at A.P.Moller-Maersk, Nordea, and some of the largest Scandinavian agencies.

Agile Squad

Agile Squad

Agile Squad is a full stack service design agency and digital product house based in Copenhagen.

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